PETALING JAYA, August 28 ? Thrash metal band Cromok promises something new for Malaysian metal-heads at the Konsert Metal Legend 2 show in Johor Bahru on September 8.

Founding member Khairul Anuar Shariff, also known as Karl, said the band would riff up a new concept of metal dubbed thrashditional ? a unique blend of thrash music and traditional music. ?The concept was born after a discussion among us. We were thinking of something special for the fans in Johor Bahru and everyone who listens to our previous stuff know that we often produce various mixtures of modern and traditional elements in our songs.

?Previously we have produced songs which included?cak lempong?(a traditional musical instrument from the Minangkabau ethnic group) and for the song?Metallurgical?we included the intro of?Ulek Mayang?which is still a hit these days,? he told Malay daily?Kosmo! Karl added that parts of their show would include a group of performers who performs?ghazal?? a traditional genre of music famous in Johor which originated from the Arab culture.?Kumpulan Ghazal Sri Aras Johor will be teaming up with us for certain songs. It is going to be a unique show and this is why I urge Malaysians to come and witness a different Cromok at the show,? the guitarist said.

He hopes that this new concept would attract more fans who often label them as only a one genre band. ?Hopefully what we display at the show will bring more ?colour? to our music.? Karl said he would not rule out any expectations on a new Cromok album, but said there is a risk factor to it. ?What?s the use of launching an album if no one buys it? It?s better for me to introduce a crowd funding platform, so those who want to buy it can invest in it first.? Cromok?s last show prior to this was Konsert Metal Legend on February 3.

On April 8, 2012 they held a reunion concert after a five-year hiatus before opening for Metallica at Stadium Merdeka on August 21, 2013.

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